Majority of insured protected by Alberta’s grid cap are not new drivers

Report finds that safe drivers pay $65 each to subsidize premiums for high-risk drivers.

SOCIETY | February 15 2024 10:55AM
Regulator sanctions agents who failed to respond to demand for information

Two separate cases end in monetary penalties for agents who ignored letters from council.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 14 2024 03:15PM
Three years of incomplete continuing education credits costs $3,000

Mitigating conduct leads council to give agent additional time to pay fine.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 14 2024 10:24AM
Electric vehicle drivers should brace for higher insurance rates

Slower transition in Canada gives insurers opportunity to learn from European experience.

P&C | February 13 2024 10:38AM
Barriers remain to wider acceptance of pharmacogenomic testing

Slow uptake attributed to the fact that tests are new, not standardized and unregulated.

HEALTH | February 13 2024 10:26AM
Industry issues less debt in 2023

Most Canadian insurers postpone non-essential issuance because of rising new debt costs.

SOCIETY | February 12 2024 10:29AM
The number of stolen vehicles in Canada remained stable in 2023

Équité Association compiled data provided by law enforcement agencies.

P&C | February 09 2024 04:08PM