US and Philippines hardest hit by climate change-related economic losses

Canada 19th among 36 countries identified as being most at risk for higher property damages.

SOCIETY | March 01 2024 03:02PM
Navacord makes acquisition in Manitoba

The acquired brokerage specializes in both personal and commercial lines.

P&C | March 01 2024 09:59AM
Global penalty and disgorgement ordered in discretionary trading case

Registered representative ordered to pay $386,492.

INVESTMENT | February 29 2024 09:57AM
Climate change implications for life and health insurers expected to increase over time

Insurers urged to draw from a wider set of data and information to understand vulnerabilities.

HEALTH | February 28 2024 04:07PM
Operating advice website under a pseudonym an outside business activity

Rep also fined and banned for processing transactions to increase his commission.

INVESTMENT | February 28 2024 10:05AM
Consumer sentiment scores show significant improvement

Quebec the only region in 2023 with positive net promoter scores.

SOCIETY | February 27 2024 03:35PM
Compensating clients directly leads to termination, suspension and fine

Failing to report client complaints, misleading firm results in six-month ban and $20,000 fine.

INVESTMENT | February 27 2024 09:59AM