Two new high net value insurance products emerge back-to-back

One insurer is poised to launch a participating whole life insurance product for high net value clients, on the heels of…

P&C | October 25 2021 05:00PM
Mutual fund and exchange traded fund sales pull back in September

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada has published its September 2021 investment fund net sales and net asset figure…

INVESTMENT | October 25 2021 04:00PM
Agent sanctioned in British Columbia for not disclosing Ontario disciplinary history

The agent was fined after the insurance council discovered his undisclosed history of being sanctioned by the Registered…

P&C | October 25 2021 03:00PM
Assumption Life expands its simplified issue insurance line

The product line upgrade enhances Assumption Life’s competitiveness.

P&C | October 25 2021 02:00PM
Regulator fines agents for pre-signed and altered forms

One representative was also sanctioned for cutting and pasting two client signatures from used forms onto new account fo…

INVESTMENT | October 25 2021 09:45AM
Plan health improves, but risks loom

Pension plans boost solvency in third quarter amid volatility

HEALTH | October 22 2021 04:00PM
Financial fraudsters are taking advantage of the pandemic

The pandemic has put a lot of activities on hold – at least for the time being – but not when it comes to money launderi…

INVESTMENT | October 22 2021 03:06PM