Fintech uses AI to speed up car repairs

Fintech lets Canadian insurers automate and accelerate car repairs in accident recovery.

P&C | June 08 2020 12:32PM
COVID-19: an opportunity for insurers

Social distancing imposed in many countries will accelerate the digitalization of the industry.

SOCIETY | May 21 2020 10:00AM
Natural catastrophes push PACICC to make changes

The Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation (PACICC) has announced an increase in its claim and refund …

P&C | April 29 2020 11:52AM
Desjardins General Insurance brings relief measures to stay-at-home workers

Desjardins General Insurance is offering refunds on car insurance premiums for personal and business clients who are sta…

P&C | April 07 2020 09:30AM
Halloween storm caused more than $250 million of insured damage

The Halloween storm that hit Eastern Canada resulted in over $250 million in insured damage.

P&C | December 10 2019 04:26PM
IBC applauds Manitoba for funding for emergencies

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has commended the Manitoba government for providing new funding to help protect communiti…

P&C | November 27 2019 12:52PM
Intact adds $1-million to its charitable granting program

Intact Financial Corporation announced that it is adding $1-million to the Intact Adaptation Action Grants program, to i…

SOCIETY | October 22 2019 02:30PM