Ontario begins review to modernize securities law

The Ontario government has launched a review of the Ontario Securities Act by announcing the members of its Capital Mark

INVESTMENT | February 07 2020 09:52AM
Cyberattacks: We are all at risk

Cyberattack. Cyberpirate. Cyber spying. Cyberfraud. Cybercrime. Financial cybercrime. Cyber burglary. Internet fraud. Cy

SOCIETY | January 23 2020 11:35AM
The Desjardins case: a $150 million tab

The data security breach that affected Desjardins Group in June 2019 was undoubtedly the most monumental event of its ki

SOCIETY | January 23 2020 11:33AM
Threat to the insurance industry

In his youth, Dominic Villeneuve was a hacker for several years. The arrest and imprisonment of other hackers he knew ga

SOCIETY | January 23 2020 11:24AM
Insurer takes the bull by the horns

Christian Mercier, CEO of UV Mutual, invited his rivals to discuss cybersecurity this past fall. Why? Because he sees it

SOCIETY | January 23 2020 11:18AM
CBA announces Cyber Security Challenge

The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) launched the CBA Cyber Security Challenge on Jan. 13. The competition is for elig

SOCIETY | January 13 2020 03:07PM
OSC seeking members for Securities Proceedings Advisory Committee

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced Nov. 15 that it is looking for new members to join its Securities Proc

SOCIETY | November 15 2019 02:28PM