Reinsurers divided on whether to accept catastrophe risk

Half of global reinsurers increase their exposure while the other half reduce their positions.

P&C | November 09 2022 10:52AM
Upturn in results improves outlook for Canadian insurers

In its report on the Canadian insurance market, Aon notes that the outlook is being boosted by positive underwriting and…

P&C | November 07 2022 10:38AM
Report examines financial impact of COVID-19 deaths on life insurance industry

Individual policies paid out from March 2020 to March 2022 due to COVID deaths amounted to about $424 million for 7,000 …

LIFE INSURANCE | October 27 2022 10:50AM
Amazon launches home insurance offer

The online retail titan is partnering with three insurers.

P&C | October 27 2022 10:17AM
March 2019 outage: Groupassur sues Keal

The courts have already decided on applications regarding the various expert opinions submitted by the parties, but the …

P&C | October 07 2022 04:22PM
Claims inflation drives reinsurance pricing

Buyers expect prices to rise rapidly in 2023.

P&C | October 06 2022 10:55AM
Lessons from four property and casualty insurer failures

A PACICC study analyzes the recent failure of four insurers in different countries.

P&C | July 26 2022 10:50AM