FP Canada sounds the alarm about unconscious spending

Convenience payments made using credit cards just one example cited in new consumer survey.

SOCIETY | November 25 2022 10:27AM
Statistics Canada publishes study of COVID’s impact on average incomes

Average income rises overall but falls for those earning in the highest tax brackets.

SOCIETY | November 23 2022 10:44AM
Patented medicine costs published

Minister of Health tables review board’s annual report with the Senate and House of Commons.

HEALTH | November 22 2022 03:04PM
Insurance industry needs to begin preparing now for quantum computing

Those who are prepared are the ones who will come out on top, a KPMG conference was told.

P&C | November 22 2022 10:51AM
Definity's net income down 22.9 per cent

Definity Financial declines for the fourth consecutive quarter.

P&C | November 22 2022 10:44AM
Employees' trust in their employers is eroding

The September 2022 Mental Health Index by LifeWorks reveals that one in five Canadians share this view.

SOCIETY | November 22 2022 10:35AM
Co-operators’ net income up 7 per cent

Co-operators General Insurance Company rebounds after four consecutive negative quarters.

P&C | November 21 2022 10:35AM