Whole life sales drove growth in the life insurance market in 2023

Highest sales ever recorded in the Canadian market since the LIMRA survey was established.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 29 2024 10:55AM
Universal life insurance grows faster than whole life

Individual life insurance premiums climbed 25 percent in 2021.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 04 2022 10:29AM
Equitable Bank expands insurance lending program

The arrangement allows qualifying Equitable Life policy owners to access funds through the bank's program, which include…

LIFE INSURANCE | March 23 2022 09:09AM
Equitable Bank expands whole life lending program

Equitable Bank is expanding its insurance lending solutions portfolio with the introduction of its new Immediate Financi…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 03 2022 10:34AM
Individual life insurance has strong third quarter

Whole life sales continue to stoke growth in the Canadian individual life insurance market.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 17 2022 10:50AM
Two new high net value insurance products emerge back-to-back

One insurer is poised to launch a participating whole life insurance product for high net value clients, on the heels of…

P&C | October 25 2021 05:00PM
Life insurance apps drop 13.2 per cent in September

Universal life insurance was the biggest seller in September.

LIFE INSURANCE | October 15 2021 05:05PM