Travelers announces new suite of services for specialty insurance clients

Travelers Canada is launching a new suite of services for specialty insurance customers packaged with their insurance po…

HEALTH | March 05 2019 09:30AM
Trip cancellation insurance can help defray costs of vacations

A vacation, including flights, hotels and rental cars can cost about $3,000 a person, but almost two-thirds of Canadians…

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Snowbird market is evolving

The snowbird season is looming. Each year these travellers who flee the cold climes for months on end represent an attra…

HEALTH | October 02 2018 07:00AM
Travel insurance: more transparent products and shorter processing times essential

Travel insurers face two major challenges, experts say. The first is to help consumers better understand coverage. The s…

HEALTH | October 01 2018 07:00AM
Travel insurance distribution varies from coast-to-coast

Each province regulates travel insurance distribution in its own way.

HEALTH | September 03 2018 07:00AM
The Rising Stars of the insurance and investment industries — Changing how consumers source their insurance products

In other parts of the world, consumers routinely begin shopping for their financial products by comparing prices online.…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 24 2018 09:00AM
iA Financial Group teams up with TuGo to offer travel insurance

iA Financial Group announced today that it is partnering with TuGo to offer travel insurance.

HEALTH | January 17 2018 09:45AM