Ontario regulator issues guidance warning consumers about decumulation products

Insurance regulator points out that contracts are not annuities or pensions, despite claims.

INVESTMENT | January 15 2024 10:07AM
Segregated funds and annuities: Two products for life

They can be a lifeline for workers without a private retirement plan.

INVESTMENT | December 15 2023 09:36AM
Annual survey finds fewer investors are using advisors

Despite high satisfaction with advisory services, fewer are engaging professional financial help.

INVESTMENT | October 06 2023 10:55AM
Regulators to review exchange-traded fund rules

Canadian Securities Administrators launch an assessment of currently applicable regulations.

INVESTMENT | August 14 2023 10:24AM
Mutual fund redemptions continue in first half of 2023

Exchange-traded fund sales surpass 2022 year-to-date figures.

INVESTMENT | July 26 2023 03:30PM
May 2023 sales figures released for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds

Mutual fund net redemptions continue.

INVESTMENT | June 27 2023 10:30AM
Financial regulators convene total cost reporting committee

Regulators jointly issue statement announcing committee’s intent to provide implementation support.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 15 2023 09:30AM