Canada Revenue Agency issues warning about TFSA scheme

Scheme promoters are claiming that individuals can transfer funds RRSPs or RRIFs into TFSAs without paying taxes.

INVESTMENT | May 13 2021 03:36PM
Manulife: profit down in Q1

Manulife saw an overall downturn of its net income attributed to shareholders, including a loss in Canada.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 12 2021 10:00AM
Ontario regulator to ban deferred sales charge option

This will harmonize the DSC ban across Canada.

INVESTMENT | May 10 2021 08:39AM
Evolve to launch ETFs that aim for carbon neutrality

The new exchange traded funds are expected to begin trading on May 10 .

INVESTMENT | May 03 2021 12:05PM
The General Motors longevity risk deal was one year in the making

Two of the key players took Insurance Portal behind the scenes of the deal, which was announced earlier this month.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2021 01:07PM
Sun Life leads group announcing $1.8-billion annuity buy-out

A group of institutions will complete a group annuity buy-out for General Motors.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 08 2021 09:47AM
RBC Global Asset Management announces fund closures

Three bond funds will close effective June 25.

INVESTMENT | April 06 2021 01:04PM