Canada Life aims to eliminate plastic drug cards

Canada Life announced Dec. 19 that it has taken a first step toward eliminating plastic drug cards. As of Jan. 1, 2020,

HEALTH | December 20 2019 11:03AM
Advocate sounds alarm about the future availability of new medicines in Canada

New medicines simply won’t be coming to Canada if the government goes ahead with changes to how the Patented Medicines P

HEALTH | December 11 2019 01:30PM
Pharmacare plan for Canadians still a question mark

A national pharmacare plan for Canadians holds as many unanswered questions now as it did before the federal election wi

HEALTH | November 07 2019 01:40PM
Investing in mental health yields significant returns

Organizations that are committed to delivering and measuring employee wellness programs are seeing their investment pay

HEALTH | November 05 2019 12:01PM
Pharmaceutical company advocates for more accessible healthcare

McKesson Canada President Paula Keays is appealing to the pharmaceutical and medical industry to improve accessibility t

HEALTH | November 05 2019 10:06AM
Biosimilars: British Columbia extends transition program

Rising drug costs are plaguing public and private health insurance plans alike. In response to this trend, British Colum

HEALTH | October 03 2019 11:14AM
SSQ offers pharmacogenetic testing to group plan members

SSQ Insurance announced Oct. 1 that it will now offer coverage for pharmacogenetic tests to members of its group insuran

HEALTH | October 01 2019 03:15PM