Application programming interface standards published by industry working group

Technologists working on brokerage connectivity one step closer to real-time information transfer.

P&C | June 13 2023 09:30AM
Inflation could push up claims for property and casualty insurers

Reinsurer Swiss Re broke down the scenario in an economic note released on July 15.

P&C | July 23 2021 02:00PM
Emerging risks: The dangers of the economic recovery

Swiss Re has identified a series of pitfalls for insurers as the post-COVID-19 recovery gets underway.

SOCIETY | July 20 2021 09:34AM
SUM and Morin Elliott acquired by an American broker

A broker serving over 20 cities across the US has now entered the Canadian insurance market.

P&C | August 14 2020 04:37PM
P&C insurers must institute changes if they want to survive past the current pandemic

Property and casualty (P&C) insurers will have to change many of their ways of doing business to survive through and aft…

P&C | April 17 2020 09:39AM
Social inflation: A challenge for liability insurance

Social inflation is driving up liability costs in Canada and the United States, says Swiss Re’s new Economic Insights re…

P&C | November 28 2019 03:05PM