Investment industry association makes submission to banking and investment ombudsman

Encourages a change in board representation to more accurately reflect all affected stakeholders.

INVESTMENT | February 03 2023 10:47AM
Full year mutual fund and exchange traded fund statistics published for 2022

Significant number of new funds launched follow responsible investing mandates.

INVESTMENT | January 27 2023 03:53PM
Full year fund sales decline

Only specialty and money market mutual funds record net sales in 2022.

INVESTMENT | January 26 2023 10:31AM
Longtime Insurance Journal contributor dies

Remembered for her kindness, intelligence and professionalism.

SOCIETY | January 18 2023 10:55AM
Investment Funds Institute of Canada president named

New president and CEO to succeed Paul Bourque who announced his retirement in June 2022.

INVESTMENT | January 06 2023 04:30PM
Mutual fund net redemptions continue

Exchange-traded funds record net sales in November.

INVESTMENT | December 22 2022 03:00PM
Report summarizes research available on the value of advice

Investment Funds Institute of Canada research also spells out what advice means to investors.

INVESTMENT | December 02 2022 10:54AM