Mutual fund redemptions continue in first half of 2023

Exchange-traded fund sales surpass 2022 year-to-date figures.

INVESTMENT | July 26 2023 03:30PM
May 2023 sales figures released for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds

Mutual fund net redemptions continue.

INVESTMENT | June 27 2023 10:30AM
Mutual fund net assets increase despite investor net redemptions

Exchange-traded funds net sales continue.

INVESTMENT | May 26 2023 10:51AM
Investment Funds Institute of Canada prepares for annual Operations Day

In-person event discussing trends and challenges in the regulatory landscape will also be livestreamed.

INVESTMENT | May 25 2023 10:42AM
Mutual fund categories hammered by net redemptions

Exchange-traded funds fare better in most recent fund statistics report.

INVESTMENT | April 27 2023 10:49AM
Insurance and securities regulators jointly publish total cost reporting rules

First enhanced annual reports for investors mandatory for the year ending December 31, 2026.

SOCIETY | April 21 2023 10:54AM
Exchange-traded and mutual funds in net sales territory

Net sales and net asset figures published for February 2023.

INVESTMENT | March 27 2023 10:52AM