The need for financial advice is more crucial than ever

Industry leaders speaking at the Investment Funds Institute of Canada’s annual conference underlined the growing importa…

INVESTMENT | October 12 2021 10:57AM
Regulator metes out series of sanctions for pre-signed account forms

Four of the reps being disciplined come from the same firm.

INVESTMENT | October 08 2021 03:55PM
Industry groups respond to regulators’ self-regulatory organization consultation paper

Investment industry groups have offered differing opinions about how the Canadian Securities Administrators should go ab…

INVESTMENT | October 06 2021 09:41AM
Mutual funds show sales growth

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada has released August fund assets and sales figures.

INVESTMENT | September 22 2021 08:50AM
CFIQ elects Eric Halle to board chair position

The organization is the Quebec arm of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada.

INVESTMENT | September 07 2021 08:19AM
Assets in both mutual funds and ETFs rise in July

Balanced funds and equity ETFs biggest winners.

INVESTMENT | August 20 2021 11:49AM
Securities regulators to create single self-regulatory organization

The new SRO will consolidate the functions of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the Mutual F…

INVESTMENT | August 03 2021 05:08PM