Net redemptions continue in fund sales

Exchange-traded funds eke out gains but sales still notably lower year-over-year.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 23 2022 10:29AM
Incorporation of mutual fund advisors not part of new SRO’s agenda

Quebec regulator, the AMF, clarified the transition to the new framework.

INVESTMENT | May 31 2022 10:22AM
Mutual funds see net redemptions in April

IFIC has released its mutual fund and ETF net sales and net assets figures for April 2022.

INVESTMENT | May 26 2022 04:01PM
Mutual fund net sales down sharply in March

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada report shows that mutual fund sales declined dramatically month-over-month and …

LIFE INSURANCE | April 26 2022 10:35AM
Net mutual fund sales stood at $9.9 billion in February

Balanced and equity long-term funds were the biggest sellers.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 24 2022 10:00AM
The Investment Funds Institute of Canada publishes January fund sales figures

Mutual fund and ETF assets decline month-over-month in January.

INVESTMENT | February 23 2022 10:10AM
Advisors need ESG training

Greenwashing and the lack of responsible investing standards are major concerns.

INVESTMENT | February 16 2022 03:45PM