TELUS to offer Walmart employees services in 220 languages

More than 100,000 employees strong, Walmart is the largest company to offer three TELUS Health services.

HEALTH | November 30 2022 10:47AM
Employees' trust in their employers is eroding

The September 2022 Mental Health Index by LifeWorks reveals that one in five Canadians share this view.

SOCIETY | November 22 2022 10:35AM
Group insurance: employers are leaving fee-based programs on the table

For psychological support programs to become more than window dressing, companies need to know where to invest.

HEALTH | October 31 2022 10:59AM
Inflation has impacted Canadians’ financial well-being

The Summer 2022 LifeWorks Financial Wellbeing Index is buckling under the weight of the grocery bill.

SOCIETY | October 27 2022 10:19AM
Biologics weigh on group plans

Biologics are putting a strain on private group plans by treating orphan diseases, as well as common diseases, at high c…

HEALTH | October 20 2022 10:48AM
Children impacted by the pandemic

According to the Mental Health Index, more than half of Canadian parents say the pandemic has had a negative effect on t…

HEALTH | September 30 2022 10:39AM
Hostile work environment saps morale

One in five Canadians face increased conflict and aggression when dealing with the public or clients.

HEALTH | July 20 2022 10:35AM