The financial strength of property insurers remains excellent

The Insurance Portal presents in two tables the financial strength index of major property & casualty insurers.

P&C | August 11 2023 10:58AM
Investment in 2023: Signs of a recession prompt calls for caution

Investors should expect several rough quarters before the rebound.

SOCIETY | January 17 2023 10:55AM
Cyber markets look uncertain

Reinsurers turning to insurance-linked securities to assume risk, met with very low interest from investors.

P&C | November 10 2022 10:55AM
Reinsurers divided on whether to accept catastrophe risk

Half of global reinsurers increase their exposure while the other half reduce their positions.

P&C | November 09 2022 10:52AM
Catastrophes and pandemic losses pressure reinsurers

Natural catastrophes and pandemic losses severely affect performance, according to S&P Global Ratings.

SOCIETY | November 08 2022 10:50AM
Reinsurance report: Performance under pressure

S&P Global Ratings has a negative view of the global reinsurance sector. A recent report publishes extensive details on …

SOCIETY | November 07 2022 10:52AM
Plans improve liabilities, but returns plunge

Although buoyed by rising interest rates, defined benefit pension plans racked up their worst performance in decades.

INVESTMENT | August 08 2022 10:35AM