MIB acquiring the APEXA compliance platform

The US group wants to expand its digital solutions portfolio.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 19 2022 10:28AM
The General Motors longevity risk deal was one year in the making

Two of the key players took Insurance Portal behind the scenes of the deal, which was announced earlier this month.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2021 01:07PM
RGA completes transaction with Manulife to reinsure longevity risk of 45,000 annuitants

RGA Canada has announced the completion of a transaction with Manulife to reinsure the longevity risk from an in-force b…

HEALTH | February 15 2019 01:30PM
Air Canada wants to create an insurance company to shore up its pension plan risks

The longevity insurance market is taking flight. Air Canada plans to form its own life insurance company and buy annuiti…

HEALTH | August 30 2018 09:45AM
BCE Transfers Longevity Risk to Sun Life

Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) has transferred $5 billion of its pension plan longevity risk liabilities to Sun Life of C…

LIFE INSURANCE | March 09 2015 01:59PM
Living Benefits: more innovation in Europe

Given their global position, Canadian re-insurers generally find inspiration in foreign developments when they expand th…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 19 2013 05:58PM
Long-Term Care: Combination products could break through

A niche player in living benefits reinsurance, RGA Canada believes that combination living benefits products could help …

HEALTH | August 19 2013 05:57PM