How insurers are investing in artificial intelligence

White paper calls generative artificial intelligence the industry’s cornerstone of innovation.

SOCIETY | February 07 2024 10:41AM
Digitalization and personalization: The Canadian insurance industry at a crossroads

Insurers balance growth plans and profitability, higher reinsurance terms and competition.

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Most popular articles of 2023 related to societal issues

As 2023 comes to a close, the Insurance Portal invites you to read or re-read our ten most popular articles on issues im…

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Executives share views on industry modernization ahead of November conference

Canadian carriers need to balance the use of technology with delivering returns and meeting customer demands.

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Reuters publishes whitepaper on data-driven insurance decision making

Calculated decisions prepare businesses for growing risks.

SOCIETY | December 06 2022 10:44AM
New whitepaper examines digitization and future trends

There are abundant opportunities for insurance carriers who put societal needs and customers at the heart of risk models…

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Balancing artificial intelligence and human roles in insurance

Insurance is at the point in its journey with artificial intelligence (AI) where companies are seeking to understand the…

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