Consumer sentiment scores show significant improvement

Quebec the only region in 2023 with positive net promoter scores.

SOCIETY | February 27 2024 03:35PM
Insurers coordinate to execute annuity buy-out deal for Ford of Canada

Majority of private defined benefit pension plans in Canada remain unsecured by annuities.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 22 2024 09:42AM
Overhead expense insurance to prevent business disruption

Stock shortages and employee scarcity aren't the only threats to the Canadian economy: the health of the entrepreneur is…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 22 2024 10:28AM
Buy-sell insurance: A safeguard in tough times

This insurance funds the buyout of a partner's shares in case of disability, even when a company lacks liquidity.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 18 2024 03:14PM
Most popular articles of 2023 related to societal issues

As 2023 comes to a close, the Insurance Portal invites you to read or re-read our ten most popular articles on issues im…

SOCIETY | January 01 2024 10:00AM
Long-term care: Manulife reassures $6 billion

The insurer describes the reinsurance operation as the largest ever LTC reinsurance transaction.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 19 2023 10:49AM
Segregated funds and annuities: Two products for life

They can be a lifeline for workers without a private retirement plan.

INVESTMENT | December 15 2023 09:36AM