The pandemic may change the face of real estate as we now know it

COVID-19 is shifting real estate opportunities, says report.

SOCIETY | October 16 2020 12:30PM
New opportunities brought about by COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought about changes in work places, says PwC.

SOCIETY | September 18 2020 09:00AM
Shifts towards remote working here to stay

The majority of CEOs believe that their business models will be more digital in the future – a shift driven by the pande…

SOCIETY | August 11 2020 03:16PM
CEOs pessimistic about economic growth outlook

Sixty-three per cent of Canadian CEOs predict a decline in the rate of global economic growth in 2020, according to a ne…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | February 25 2020 02:12PM
CEOs are pessimistic about global economy, says new PwC survey

CEOs are showing record levels of pessimism in the global economy, with 53% predicting a decline in the rate of economic…

SOCIETY | January 22 2020 01:30PM
Canadians expect to spend an average of $1,507 this holiday season

Eighty per cent of Canadians plan to spend the same or more than last year this holiday season, according to PwC Canada'…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 11 2017 01:30PM
National Pension Hub to serve as centre for pension knowledge and research

The Global Risk Institute in Financial Services today announced the creation of a National Pension Hub. The objective of…

LIFE INSURANCE , INVESTMENT | October 04 2017 11:30AM