The year of digital sales platforms and telemedicine

The pandemic has ushered in a slew of challenges. 2020 has accelerated a massive digital shift in the life and health in…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 28 2020 10:00AM
COVID-19 will change financial advice for the long haul - Pierre Piché

The Power Corporation senior executive profiled the new landscape at the opening of the 2020 Life Insurance Convention.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 30 2020 03:11PM
Power Corporation’s profits rise in Q3

Power Corporation reported net earnings for the Q3 2020 of $505-million, up from $359-million reported for Q3 2019.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 12 2020 01:03PM
Wealthsimple raises $114 million

Fintech Wealthsimple is part of the Power Corporation of Canada group, parent company of Great-West Lifeco and IGM Finan…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 19 2020 11:40AM
MacKenzie and Great-West Life to buy interest in Northleaf Capital

Mackenzie Financial, a subsidiary of IGM Financial, is joining with Great-West Life to acquire a non-controlling interes…

INVESTMENT | September 17 2020 03:00PM
Canada Life, IGM and Power Corp. support COVID-19 relief efforts

Canada Life, IGM Financial and Power Corporation of Canada have announced a $1 million joint contribution to support cri…

SOCIETY | March 24 2020 03:49PM
Power Corp. announces massive reorganization

Power Corporation of Canada and Power Financial Corporation announced Dec. 13 that the companies have come to a definiti…

INVESTMENT | December 13 2019 11:10AM