Health Canada approval rate for medicines edges above five-year average

Patented Medicine Prices Review Board looks at Canadian sales of new medicines.

HEALTH | May 28 2024 10:36AM
Canadian list prices for patented medicines remain among the highest in the world

Annual report of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board tabled in House of Commons.

HEALTH | February 20 2024 10:10AM
Public drug plans not immune to the rising cost of medications

Costs grew faster in 2021-2022 than in the previous five years.

HEALTH | January 17 2024 10:55AM
Industry advises Patented Medicines Pricing Review Board on new guidelines

Response to agency’s scoping paper encourages industry’s involvement in pricing review.

HEALTH | December 22 2023 10:52AM
Government forms Canadian Drug Agency

Once established, agency is expected to take a greater role in Canada’s drug system.

HEALTH | December 20 2023 10:55AM
Drug price watchdog consults manufacturers

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB), a federal entity that ensures patented drug prices in Canada are not …

HEALTH | June 29 2023 10:53AM
Federal government appoints chair of patented medicine review board

Intellectual property lawyer takes the helm for five-year term.

HEALTH | February 06 2023 10:48AM