Lessons from four property and casualty insurer failures

A PACICC study analyzes the recent failure of four insurers in different countries.

P&C | July 26 2022 10:50AM
If a major insurer fails, the compensation fund will fall short

According to the PACICC’s quarterly solvency bulletin, the compensation fund cannot cover the risk arising from the fail…

P&C | July 18 2022 09:39AM
Profitability today heralds downturn for property and casualty insurers

The Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation’s annual report warns that systemic risks still threaten th…

P&C | July 14 2022 09:58AM
Eleven insurance organizations form new pro-climate lobby

Insurance industry actors have joined forces with municipal governments, indigenous organizations, environmental non-gov…

SOCIETY | June 30 2021 12:15PM
Natural catastrophes push PACICC to make changes

The Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation (PACICC) has announced an increase in its claim and refund …

P&C | April 29 2020 11:52AM
Former ambassador to U.S. named to PACICC

David MacNaughton, the former Canadian ambassador to the United States, has been named as an independent director to the…

P&C | April 17 2020 12:00PM