Appetite for digital solutions rapidly accelerating

P&C insurers are increasingly adopting a range of digital solutions to sharpen their competitive edge.

P&C | December 21 2020 09:30AM
Pandemic forces life insurers to make “pandemic pivot”

The COVID-19 virus has forced life insurers to make a “pandemic pivot” towards digital transformation and distribution, …

LIFE INSURANCE | July 24 2020 10:45AM
Insurers must be transparent in how they use data

Insurers and other internet-savvy companies must increasingly turn their attention to the issue of data ethics, speakers…

SOCIETY | June 17 2020 02:55PM
LIMRA announces life insurance blockchain advisory council

LIMRA announced Aug. 7 that it has set up an advisory council to explore opportunities for using blockchain technology i…

INVESTMENT | August 09 2017 01:30PM
Consumers want multiple channels

To achieve long-term success, insurance must be responsive to changes in consumer behavior. People are now using social …

HEALTH | February 19 2013 09:30PM