Consolidation now targeting small firms and blocks of business

The Insurance Portal peers into the future of independent life and health insurance distribution.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2021 10:18AM
APEXA: Membership growing despite hurdles

APEXA is still gaining members, but many MGAs worry about the mounting costs of enrolling life and health insurance advi…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 28 2021 10:55AM
Insurance for high net worth clients regains momentum despite social distancing

MGAs sum up the situation for Insurance Journal.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 28 2021 10:00AM
Tax authorities harden their stance

Three years ago, the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec announced their intention to charge MGAs sales tax. The thr…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 21 2020 08:10AM
Compliance demands boost the insurance software market

As regulators step up their audits of firms to check financial needs analysis compliance, back-office and customer manag…

HEALTH | May 31 2017 07:00AM
Quebec life insurance distributors stand united in opposition to direct Internet sales

In a submission made on Sept. 30 as part of the consultation on the application of Quebec’s Act Respecting the Distribut…

HEALTH | November 03 2015 07:00AM
More Than 330 Submissions to Quebec’s Distribution Legislation review

In the end, more than 330 submissions were made as part of Quebec's consultation on the application report for the provi…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 09 2015 11:48AM