Life insurance applications down in March

Statistics indicate year-over-year declines in March – in double digits for those 31 to 50.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 15 2022 10:17AM
Year-over-year life insurance application activity declines in Canada

Life insurance application activity in Canada jumped notably month-over-month in February 2022, but declined year-over-y…

LIFE INSURANCE | March 14 2022 10:40AM
Applications for Canadian life insurance drops in January

Canadian life insurance application activity dropped 9.6% year-over-year in January 2022 compared to January 2021, accor…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 10 2022 10:38AM
U.S. application activity declines in January

MIB Group’s monthly report shows that U.S. life insurance application activity declined year-over-year in January by 4.8…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 08 2022 10:29AM
Canadian life application activity flat in 2021

Canadian life insurance application activity was 1.5 per cent lower in 2021 when compared to 2020 application activity, …

LIFE INSURANCE | January 21 2022 10:16AM
Canadian life insurance application activity flat year-to-date

However, month-over-month – from October to November 2021 – life insurance application activity increased by 12.9%, acco…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 17 2021 03:24PM
Canadian life application activity declines notably in October

Insurance application activity declines were in the double digits in October 2021.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 11 2021 03:30PM