Life application activity declines in 2022

No matter which way you dice the data, recent activity no match for growth witnessed in 2021.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 19 2023 10:40AM
Life application activity declines continue in November

Month-over-month activity rebounds in a pattern similar to that seen in 2021.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 09 2022 10:38AM
Life application activity declines in Canada

The latest MIB report shows that year-to-date activity also remains lower relative to 2021 application activity.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 09 2022 10:47AM
Pattern of year-over-year application declines reverses course

Life insurance application activity remains down year-to-date, but figures break the pattern of monthly declines started…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 08 2022 10:41AM
Life insurance sales fell by more than 12 per cent in May

Many age bands saw sales declines in Canada.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 09 2022 04:02PM
MIB acquiring the APEXA compliance platform

The US group wants to expand its digital solutions portfolio.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 19 2022 10:28AM
Canadian life insurance application activity continues to slide

MIB Group reports declines across all age bands, both month-over-month and year-over-year.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 12 2022 10:00AM