Venture market in Canada restyled

Venture capital funds flow to Canadian start-ups as a result of COVID-19.

INVESTMENT | June 26 2020 09:30AM
Institutional investors increasingly using ESG

An increasing number of institutional investors are requiring their hedge fund managers to incorporate environmental, so…

INVESTMENT | February 06 2020 12:15PM
Insurance companies must harness big data

To better serve the needs of millennials, a new report from KPMG suggests that Canadian insurance companies must rethink…

SOCIETY | November 28 2019 01:04PM
National Pension Hub to serve as centre for pension knowledge and research

The Global Risk Institute in Financial Services today announced the creation of a National Pension Hub. The objective of…

INVESTMENT | October 04 2017 11:30AM
Insurers caught in innovator’s dilemma

Canadian life insurance companies are caught in a technological “innovative dilemma” that they must reconcile by hiring …

HEALTH | February 03 2016 07:00AM
Insurers must foster risk management and consumer protection culture

Insurers need to embed a culture of risk management and consumer protection throughout their organizations as customers …

HEALTH | September 01 2015 09:00AM