Licensee reprimanded with $1,000 penalty for inaccurate insurance form execution

Life agent breached code of conduct by witnessing a signature done in his absence.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 22 2023 09:54AM
Misappropriation of $300,000 results in five-year ban from registration

Police investigation closed in 2021.

SOCIETY | August 14 2023 04:10PM
Using a former client’s credit card to process her own business ends in three-year ban

Terminated licensee maintains that she thought the card belonged to her husband.

INVESTMENT | July 13 2023 10:15AM
Agents face fines and license suspensions for medical insurance fraud

Licensees “failed to engage in the usual practice of the business of insurance.”

LIFE INSURANCE | July 11 2023 03:30PM
Automobile insurance rates hold steady in British Columbia

Order in Council directs regulator to refrain from decreasing basic rates in 2023 policy year.

P&C | January 11 2023 10:44AM
Repeated theft leads to two-year suspension for former agent

The former licensee has a history of disciplinary action.

P&C | March 25 2022 09:00AM
License revoked for adjuster with conflict of interest

Adjuster referred business repeatedly to wife’s company, then lied about knowing her.

P&C | March 15 2022 10:28AM