Valid accounts are the weapon of choice for cybercriminals

Logging in versus hacking becomes the preferred method for threat actors today.

SOCIETY | February 22 2024 10:05AM
IBM and Salesforce collaborate to accelerate artificial intelligence adoption

At the same time Salesforce warns the technology could create a trust gap with consumers.

SOCIETY | September 06 2023 10:58AM
Report analyzes the cost of data breaches

Artificial intelligence, automation and involving law enforcement all shown to help reduce crisis costs.

INVESTMENT | July 26 2023 09:00AM
IBM intelligence report examines cybersecurity attack patterns

Research data shows evolving techniques in phishing, extortion and vulnerability exploitation.

P&C | March 16 2023 10:48AM
Separate studies conclude that leadership pipelines are lacking women

Advancing women not a formal business priority for many companies surveyed.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | March 07 2023 04:04PM
Survey of 14 000 job seekers probes technology role misconceptions

More than 61 per cent say they are actively looking for new jobs within the next year.

SOCIETY | February 15 2023 04:52PM
Canadian CEOs rank sustainability as a high priority

Almost half of CEOs feel sustainability will increase their business, says IBM report.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | June 07 2022 10:51AM