Humania launches disability insurance for all occupations

Humania Assurance recently launched an insurance product that provides income in case of an accident. No occupation is r…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 14 2021 10:00AM
10 major transactions from 2020

Here’s a list of ten mergers and acquisitions that impacted the industry in 2020.

INVESTMENT | December 30 2020 10:30AM
SLI launches term products insured by Humania

Specialty Life Insurance has launched a term insurance product line.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 30 2020 09:30AM
Choose the right credit insurance for your clients

Life insurers approach this product in diverse ways.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 18 2020 10:00AM
Tour+Med launches COVID-19 rider in travel insurance

Tour+Med now offers a rider for COVID-19 that can be added to its basic travel insurance contract.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 10 2020 10:30AM
COVID-19: Life insurers’ measures

What products were modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic? How have insurers adjusted their processes due to the situatio…

LIFE INSURANCE | May 04 2020 10:45AM
IDC WIN acquires Aurrea

IDC Worldsource Insurance Network is acquiring 100% of the shares of MGA Aurrea Signature from Humania Assurance.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 06 2020 03:42PM