Canadians concerned about not having enough money to retire

New survey indicates Canadians are worried about their retirements.

SOCIETY | June 22 2021 06:32PM
Pension plan investment managers call for consistent ESG information

Consistent information is required to strengthen decision making and ESG risks, say pension plan managers.

INVESTMENT | November 25 2020 02:30PM
Bigger isn’t necessarily better

A report published by The Fraser Institute argues that several public plans do a better job of keeping costs down than t…

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Ontarians want DB pensions

Most Ontarians say they want defined benefit (DB) pensions, and they are concerned that there could be an increase in po…

LIFE INSURANCE | November 26 2015 02:33PM
Target benefit plans offer a new way to share risk

Unable to bear the costs associated with traditional pensions, employers have been moving away from defined benefits (DB…

HEALTH | July 08 2015 01:45PM
Personal savings make the difference for retirees

Despite all the talk of a “retirement savings crisis” in Canada, 83% of Canadians are on track for retirement, Fabrice M…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 01 2015 09:00AM
Jointly sponsored pension plans nurture good governance

Jointly sponsored pension plans, which allow plan decision making and funding of benefits to be decided by both the empl…

HEALTH | January 28 2014 06:38PM