Pension plans ramp up risk reduction transactions

Interest rates boost sales of group annuities.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2024 10:34AM
Sun Life team examines pension risk transfer questions

Research article addresses growing interest in de-risking solutions.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 10 2023 10:21AM
Pension risk transfers surge in Canada

A record year in 2021 contrasts sharply with the decline in 2020 and confirms insurers’ risk-taking capacity.

INVESTMENT | July 19 2022 10:59AM
Sun Life spells out its appetite for longevity risk

The insurer sees Canada as a fertile ground in this area.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 23 2021 10:20AM
The General Motors longevity risk deal was one year in the making

Two of the key players took Insurance Portal behind the scenes of the deal, which was announced earlier this month.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2021 01:07PM
Sun Life leads group announcing $1.8-billion annuity buy-out

A group of institutions will complete a group annuity buy-out for General Motors.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 08 2021 09:47AM
General Motors makes inroads into the insurance business

General Motors is rolling out insurance through a subsidiary.

P&C | November 27 2020 01:33PM