Study finds steep decline in Canadians’ living standards

Latest decline in inflation-adjusted per person GDP is the second-longest in 40 years.

SOCIETY | May 22 2024 10:50AM
Think tank says new energy efficiency mandates will increase building costs

Adds an estimated $55,000 to the average cost of a new home in Canada.

SOCIETY | September 18 2023 10:07AM
Standardized environmental social and governance reporting impractical

Fraser Institute essay argues that bringing consistency to reporting is potentially impossible.

SOCIETY | April 24 2023 10:50AM
Voluntary group critical illness insurance makes a breakthrough

This optional coverage has made inroads in the large business sector, but the SME sector is elusive.

HEALTH | September 14 2022 04:30PM
Green Shield seeking to become the main care provider in Canada

GSC is banking on its fully integrated platform and increased presence in Quebec to achieve this goal.

HEALTH | March 21 2022 10:57AM