COVID-19: Higher insurance amounts with no medical exam may last

The pandemic has forced insurers to raise the limits of life insurance amounts that can be underwritten remotely with no…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 14 2020 10:00AM
Financial Horizons Group aims to offer advisors client data in one place

Financial Horizons Group plans to build a digital tunnel with suppliers to compile one-stop client database.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 13 2020 10:45AM
The pandemic is accelerating the digital shift and reinforcing the value of advice

COVID-19 is accelerating the digital shift in life insurance distribution exponentially and highlighting the value of ad…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 12 2020 10:45AM
Daniel Guillemette spearheads acquisitions outside Québec

Diversico makes foray into Ontario, kicking off a Canadian expansion.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 31 2020 03:30PM
Financial Horizons Group: James McMahon passes the torch to Denis Blackburn

After 30 years as a shareholder and 16 years as president of Financial Horizons Group, James McMahon is passing the torc…

LIFE INSURANCE | July 28 2020 12:01PM
COVID-19: Insurers refine processes

COVID-19 has forced insurers to introduce several measures that MGAs are applauding.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 18 2020 04:30PM
Managing general agents navigate multiple challenges

Consolidation. Thinner margins. The technology lag. Lack of recruitment. The challenges are many for managing general ag…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 27 2020 03:00PM