FaithLife announces new brand name

The new name aims to support the organization’s goal of appealing to more Canadians.

LIFE INSURANCE | October 04 2022 10:26AM
FaithLife aims to expand its reach

FaithLife Financial has revamped its value proposition and its products to expand its reach following feedback from advi…

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Fraternal insurer enters into agreement with digital distribution provider

The National Catholic Society of Foresters has entered into an agreement with Breathe Life to deliver digital purchasing…

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Advisors can help their clients leave a philanthropic legacy

Financially successful Canadians are eager to give back to society, and they need their advisors’ help to put effective …

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Women of Influence: Karen Bjerland

Faith in life insurance Karen Bjerland is president and CEO of FaithLife Financial a fraternal benefit society…

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Careers, life and striking the right balance

Asked what challenges they faced during their careers, many of the women highlighted in our Women of Influence report po…

HEALTH | August 18 2014 09:00AM
Retention rate for new life insurance recruits falls in 2009

Having reached a high point in 2008, the retention rate for new life insurance advisors dropped last year. According to …

HEALTH | September 12 2010 03:01PM