IBC sets action team into motion

IBC is helping hospitality industries hurt by pandemic find insurance.

P&C | November 24 2020 12:42PM
Foresters acquires Canada Protection Plan

Foresters Financial is acquiring Canada Protection Plan. Foresters says the deal will accelerate the expansion of its bu…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 02 2020 10:55AM
Tax authorities harden their stance

Three years ago, the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec announced their intention to charge MGAs sales tax. The thr…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 21 2020 08:10AM
Negative economic sentiment “excessive,” says Deloitte

Escalating downside risks and unpredictable trade and political disputes are causing anxiety among market watchers, but.…

INVESTMENT | July 29 2019 01:30PM
Adoption of the international insurance accounting standard IFRS 17 postponed for one year

The insurance industry has been given a one-year extension: the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) in London…

LIFE INSURANCE | November 19 2018 11:30AM
Review investment strategies in light of budget proposals

Some hopes were dashed and some fears allayed when Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau brought down the Liberal govern…

LIFE INSURANCE | March 22 2018 07:00AM
National Pension Hub to serve as centre for pension knowledge and research

The Global Risk Institute in Financial Services today announced the creation of a National Pension Hub. The objective of…

LIFE INSURANCE , INVESTMENT | October 04 2017 11:30AM