Definity releases catastrophe estimates for July and August

Follows other insurers issuing warnings about the material impact of rainstorms, tornados and wildfire.

P&C | September 11 2023 10:20AM
Definity launches usage-based insurance offering

Adjusts premium prices quarterly, based on recent driving scores.

P&C | September 07 2023 03:52PM
Lawyers’ association issues statement calling on regulator to investigate Aviva

Complaint alleges tribunal adjudicator continued settling claims disputes in favour of insurers after accepting position…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 08 2023 10:55AM
Property and casualty insurance: Financial results of 170 insurers in Canada in 2022

Companies are ranked by net income.

P&C | June 23 2023 10:55AM
Insurers continue distribution and wealth management acquisitions

Multiple deals announced in the same day by different companies.

INVESTMENT | June 14 2023 09:30AM
Definity boosts earnings in the first quarter of 2023

The company released its quarterly financial results on May 12 in a conference call with analysts.

P&C | June 01 2023 10:55AM
Definity subsidiary acquires leading broker in Ontario

Company says deal sets the stage for national expansion.

P&C | May 10 2023 10:48AM