Association calls on government to delay capital gains changes

Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting is also asking the government to increase the exemption that allows a 50 per c…

INVESTMENT | May 21 2024 10:30AM
Life insurance associations urge government to make tax changes

Organization says Canada is the only country to levy taxes on future profits.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 05 2024 04:19PM
A quarter of Canadians avoid dentists due to costs

More than a third of Canadians have gone 12 months without consulting a dental care professional.

HEALTH | November 08 2023 10:59AM
Underwriters make recommendations ahead of 2024 federal budget

Group encourages focus on the transition of small businesses, RRSP contributions and incentives for businesses providing…

SOCIETY | August 08 2023 10:30AM
Organizations lobby against double taxation on dividends for financial institutions

Multiple sources say federal budget measures will make insurance more expensive for consumers.

SOCIETY | July 11 2023 10:26AM
Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting lobbies for changes to proposed taxation rules

Budget 2023 proposed changes to Alternative Minimum Tax rules raises concerns.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 15 2023 10:55AM
Phil Marsillo calls on MGAs to mobilize

The event took place in Quebec City from April 17 to 19.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 25 2023 10:57AM