Canada’s risk aversion causing country’s innovation paradox

Report warns that high standard of living is unsustainable with low innovation rates.

SOCIETY | April 30 2024 10:28AM
Conference Board examines child and youth mental health systems

Researchers say the cost to support each cohort could approach $1-trillion.

SOCIETY | December 18 2023 09:45AM
Conference Board advocates for novel approaches to mental health in the workplace

Promotes virtual reality-based interventions in human capital-related white paper.

HEALTH | December 15 2023 08:44AM
Research examines the industry’s barriers to entry for job seekers

Conference Board says more innovative and deliberate recruitment strategies are required.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | October 19 2023 03:38PM
Employees with fewer paid days off have higher rates of absenteeism and presenteeism

Research shows organizational attendance policies can have unintended results.

HEALTH | September 22 2023 10:33AM
Experts say employees ignore mental health for work more often than not

Plan usage data can help better inform company absence policies.

HEALTH | August 28 2023 10:45AM
High rates: Caution and optimism coexist

Second half of the year could be full of opportunities, despite the uncertainty caused by inflation and high interest ra…

INVESTMENT | August 02 2023 10:59AM