Former rep sanctioned for off-book transactions

Regulator says he failed in his gatekeeper obligations.

INVESTMENT | November 03 2022 04:45PM
Regulator levies massive fine and ban for misappropriation

An IIROC Hearing Panel has imposed a fine of $125,000, disgorgement in the amount of $579,000 and a permanent ban on one…

INVESTMENT | July 22 2022 04:14PM
Rising costs impacting Canadians’ travel plans

A new survey indicates that most Canadians are keen to travel now that most pandemic related travel restrictions have be…

SOCIETY | June 29 2022 09:18AM
Regulator fines CIBC World Markets $150,000

IIROC sanctioned the company for trading supervision failures.

SOCIETY | April 13 2022 10:12AM
Misappropriation leads to $95,000 in penalties for former rep

He has also been permanently banned by the MFDA.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 18 2022 10:24AM
Canadians need to get their personal financial houses in order.

Paying off debt is the main goal for Canadians for the new year, while economic worries are focused on inflation, found …

SOCIETY | January 06 2022 09:49AM
Economy and financial markets: Optimism coupled with fear of inflation in 2022

Although encouraging signs emerged in the fourth quarter, fears loom for the economy and the financial markets.

SOCIETY | December 27 2021 10:10AM