Representative banned for personal financial dealings with another reps’ clients

After launching a daycare, representative also ordered to pay $25,000 in fines and costs.

INVESTMENT | March 14 2023 10:32AM
Company surveys show Canadians are increasingly worried about money

Three bank studies indicate many are struggling.

SOCIETY | February 28 2023 04:40PM
Conflicts of interest end in two-year ban and financial penalties

Receiving rental income on the list of outside activities not disclosed to firm.

INVESTMENT | February 28 2023 10:33AM
Representative fined for unauthorized trading and creating false notes

Regulator levies $15,000 in penalties and costs.

INVESTMENT | February 20 2023 10:40AM
Plan sponsors hit hard by fixed income returns in 2022

Research shows positive performance in October and November helped full year results.

INVESTMENT | February 07 2023 10:53AM
FP Canada publishes top scoring exam challengers

President’s List for October 2022 sitting of the Certified Financial Planner exam announced.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 20 2023 10:32AM
Repaying debt biggest priority for Canadians

Inflation, interest rates and recession also of concern, according to survey.

SOCIETY | January 06 2023 10:43AM