Western storms in January caused $134-million in insured damages

Two winter storms caused insured damages across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

P&C | February 19 2021 02:00PM
Calgary hailstorm caused $1.2 billion in insured damages

The hail, rain and windstorm that hit Calgary on June 13 was the fourth highest insured damage event in Canadian history…

P&C | July 09 2020 10:00AM
Halloween storm caused more than $250 million of insured damage

The Halloween storm that hit Eastern Canada resulted in over $250 million in insured damage.

P&C | December 10 2019 04:26PM
Initial estimates put Dorian damages over $100-million

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released its initial estimates of the damages caused in Canada by September’s Hurrica…

P&C | October 07 2019 09:29AM