Advisor support: The key to critical illness sales

Advisor training wil be crucial for enlightening clients, both at point of sale and during claims process.

LIFE INSURANCE | October 19 2023 10:55AM
Nova Scotia encouraged to regulate massage therapists

Association points out this will give residents access to additional federal tax credits.

HEALTH | October 19 2023 10:28AM
Parliamentary Budget Office releases estimated cost of single-payer universal drug plan

Framework proposes to replace existing public and private drug plans.

HEALTH | October 13 2023 10:34AM
Life and health insurers pay out more than $312-million each day

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association publishes annual industry facts resource.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 28 2023 10:51AM
Association says virtual care in dentistry could increase incidence of fraud

Suggests know-your-patient requirement be added to standards for virtual care.

HEALTH | August 16 2023 09:20AM
Insurance association puts forward federal budget recommendations

Submission focuses on better retirement income solutions, tax credits for dental plans and consumer privacy.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 14 2023 10:55AM
Association announces annual legal meeting dates

Life and health industry lawyers to discuss corporate and litigation matters.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 05 2023 10:50AM