Pension plans better positioned to mitigate risk

A recent increase in the value of annuities gives defined benefit pension plans more ways to combat risk.

SOCIETY | January 03 2023 10:30AM
Actuaries find marijuana decriminalization has not affected vehicular statistics

Research commissioned examines Canadian and United States accident experience.

SOCIETY | December 14 2022 10:55AM
Seasoned industry leader appointed Chief Operating Officer of L’Unique and Unica

The successor of soon-to-retire Yves Gagnon was working for a large insurance rival.

P&C | November 03 2022 10:16AM
Report examines financial impact of COVID-19 deaths on life insurance industry

Individual policies paid out from March 2020 to March 2022 due to COVID deaths amounted to about $424 million for 7,000 …

LIFE INSURANCE | October 27 2022 10:50AM
Actuaries’ association publishes updated mortality tables

First revisions since 2010 reflect changes in mortality experience.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 30 2022 04:30PM
Canadian Premier taps Nigel Branker as new Chief Executive Officer

He succeeds Suzette Huovinen, who is returning to a senior executive role at the insurer’s U.S. parent company.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 22 2022 10:32AM
Actuaries Climate Index rises

The higher the Actuaries Climate Index averages, the steeper the changes in climate extremes and sea level rise.

SOCIETY | March 07 2022 10:21AM