Actuaries’ institute releases capstone exam dates

Associate designation core training module availability announced.

SOCIETY | April 20 2023 10:45AM
Canadian Institute of Actuaries publishes bias and fairness consultation paper

Report to help pricing practitioners understand the concepts and applicable ethical frameworks.

P&C | April 10 2023 09:30AM
Artificial intelligence and machine learning’s impact on actuaries

Columnists argue the profession is on the cusp of another transformation.

SOCIETY | April 07 2023 10:46AM
Actuaries model new pension legislation impact

Report analyzes new funding regimes for defined benefit pension plans.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 16 2023 10:43AM
Actuaries Climate Index rises in summer 2022

Launched in 2016, this index measures the frequency of extreme weather and sea level change.

SOCIETY | March 02 2023 10:48AM
Pension plans better positioned to mitigate risk

A recent increase in the value of annuities gives defined benefit pension plans more ways to combat risk.

SOCIETY | January 03 2023 10:30AM
Actuaries find marijuana decriminalization has not affected vehicular statistics

Research commissioned examines Canadian and United States accident experience.

SOCIETY | December 14 2022 10:55AM