Federal budget introduces new tax measures on banks and insurers

The measures come at a challenging time for insurers, says the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

SOCIETY | April 11 2022 10:30AM
Banking sector lessons about consumer’s digital preferences

The Canadian Bankers Association commissioned a survey of 4,000 Canadians which illustrates and puts numbers to trends a…

SOCIETY | April 04 2022 10:29AM
Covid-19: Gen Z building financial resilience

More than half of Gen Z respondents say the pandemic upended their financial security. However, nine-in-ten still feel o…

SOCIETY | November 09 2021 10:45AM
Joanne De Laurentiis to chair regulator

Joanne De Laurentiis will succeed Bryan Davies as Chair of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

INVESTMENT | June 30 2021 10:19AM
Phishing scams continue in 2020

Digital fraudsters show no signs of slowing down their phishing activity in 2020 as cyber attacks proliferate amid the w…

SOCIETY | November 25 2020 01:30PM
Canadian banks launch CEBA program accounts

Canadian banks in separate announcements announced they will begin accepting online applications to deliver fast access …

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | April 09 2020 02:50PM
COVID-19: Mortgage deferrals to hit half a million

Nearly 500,000 requests for mortgage deferrals or skip a payment have already been completed or are in process since Can…

SOCIETY | April 03 2020 01:04PM