Blackrock to Close Six iShares Funds

BlackRock Asset Management Canada plans to terminate six of its iShares exchange traded funds (ETFs) in September.

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Relations warm between Mutual fund and ETF industries

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) passed some major milestones in 2014: mutual fund assets under managemen…

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BMO launches first segregated funds with ETFs

BMO Life is launching its first segregated fund product, and is betting on the popularity of its parent company’s exchan…

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“Gamma factor” can improve retirees’ portfolio efficiency

Many financial advisors have long believed they bring a unique and tangible value to their clients. Now Morningstar Inc.…

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Exchange traded funds fueled by volatility

Fears sparked by volatility and the quest for lower management fees are driving investors toward exchange traded funds (…

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Uncertainty means retirees will have to be flexible about lifestyle

Most Canadians can erase the image of being rich in retirement, a conference on pensions and benefits was told last spri…

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Competition heats up in ETF mutual funds

Exchange traded fund based mutual fund products are gaining popularity with advisors and selection is broadening. Tra…

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