Retail investors may gain access to liquid alts

Canadian regulators are in the midst of updating investment fund product regulations that could soon see adventuresome r…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 21 2018 07:00AM
Fixed-income is the fastest-growing asset class for Exchange-Traded Funds

Canadians sure like their fixed-income investments. Both mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been in grow…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 25 2018 07:00AM
Titans battle for ETF market share

Exchange-traded funds are growing robustly. The two main suppliers of ETFs in Canada are locked in an epic battle for ma…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 05 2017 07:00AM
Stakeholders weigh alternatives to embedded commissions ban

Canada’s regulators aren’t prepared to say yes to banning embedded commissions just yet – but they’re not prepared to sa…

HEALTH | November 23 2017 07:00AM
OSC announces members of Investment Funds Product Advisory Committee

The OSC today announced the members of its Investment Funds Products Advisory Committee for the 2017-2019 term.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 31 2017 11:30AM
OSC roundtable to explore alternatives to embedded commissions ban

The Ontario Securities Commission has announced the agenda and list of panellists for its upcoming roundtable on the pos…

INVESTMENT | August 18 2017 11:30AM
Dynamic Funds and BlackRock launch exchange-traded funds lineup

Dynamic Funds and BlackRock Asset Management Canada have partnered up to deliver an actively managed exchange-traded fun…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 26 2017 01:30PM