Clear regulations needed for fintechs and insurtechs in Ontario

If the Financial Services Regulatory Authority wants to play a successful role in fintech and insurtech, it needs to tal…

SOCIETY | January 31 2022 09:39AM
Francization of contracts: concern is growing among brokers

The industry is worried that changes to the Charter of the French Language will affect brokers’ ability to offer product…

P&C | January 14 2022 10:54AM
Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations announces new chair

CISRO’s new chair succeeds Ron Fullan in this role.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 21 2021 10:31AM
Investor Advisory Panel to be set up by the spring

The Canadian Securities Administrators will be accepting nominees for new Investor Advisory Panel.

INVESTMENT | December 07 2021 10:45AM
Regulators propose climate disclosure requirements for comment

The Canadian Securities Administrators say the requirements will improve the comparability of the information issuers di…

INVESTMENT | October 22 2021 10:00AM
Regulators pitch Canada to be home of international standards board

The CSA is strongly in favour of setting up an International Sustainability Standards Board and is offering Canada to ho…

INVESTMENT | October 12 2021 10:00AM