Multi-factor authentication: not a silver bullet

Shifts taking place in cyber insurance claims.

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Risk exposures grow as reliance on lithium-ion batteries increases

Certain industries already face difficulties finding insurance.

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Hard reinsurance market fails to inspire new entrants

Whitepaper looks at why start-up reinsurers aren’t entering the market.

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Reinsurer evaluates macroeconomic outlook for real estate investments

Recession in commercial real estate not imminent but insurers may reevaluate legacy assets.

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Natural catastrophe losses globally exceed $43-billion

The shift from El Niño to La Niña being watched closely by reinsurer.

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Mergers and acquisitions: key transactions of 2023

The consolidation continues across various sectors of the insurance industry.

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Cyber the largest structural risk affecting the credit landscape

Insurance should be an early warning system, say analysts.

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